Say Cheese

by BTM

Thu, 02 November 2017

Say Cheese

This supermarket has searched far and wide to come up with a selection of Europe’s finest and tastiest cheeses.

They say the secret ingredient is always cheese and that’s certainly the case at Alosra where the Signature cheese collection is specially curated to feature some of the best and most tasty artisanal offerings around.

Each item in the Signature collection is handcrafted with care on dairy farms local to their region, and aged to perfection.Take your palate on an enticing trip to England, France, the Channel Islands, Switzerland, Sardinia and Spain.

Leave a lasting impression on guests with a platter of premium Signature cheeses. You can serve a diverse combination, from mild to more complex, deeper flavours, in order to satisfy every taste. Add balance by combining different textures! For example, why not pair a creamy Camembert De Normandie with the hard Pecorino Sardo Maturo?

Don’t forget to use an individual knife for each different type of cheese to make sure you can truly savour every unique flavour as it’s meant to be tasted. Style the platter by adding olives, dried fruits, toasted nuts or jam. Remember to serve the cheeses at room temperature, for a more supple texture and a lingering finish.

Feel like a taste of Britain? Fill your platter with a selection of artisanal British cheeses: Smoked Westcombe Cheddar, Cornish Blue, Shropshire Blue and Colston Bassett Stilton. The Shropshire Blue also offers a burst of flavours when tossed into a salad or simply paired with chocolate.

Also among the Signature cheese range is the French Tomme De Chèvre which is exquisite when paired with potatoes or can be simply melted like a raclette. Mont D’or, a creamy cows’ milk cheese, is delicious when baked in the oven. It’s guaranteed to become a staple in your appetiser repertoire. You can even transform baked Mont D’or into a decadent dessert by topping it with cherries or blueberries.

Craving the bold flavours of Italy? Pecorino Sardo Maturo, an award-winning offering from Sardinia, is the secret ingredient to making mouth-watering pesto. It can also be grated over pasta to enhance both flavour and aroma.

Drop by the deli counters at Saar, Janabiya and Amwaj Islands to experience Alosra’s Signature cheeses and why not ask for some suggestions on how to best serve and pair the deliciously curated cheeses in this selection.

Call Saar 17 739-739, Janabiya 17 739-769, Amwaj Islands 16 033-773.