Teaching Employability Skills

by BTM

Fri, 01 September 2017

Teaching Employability Skills

This prestigious university – through its internationally accredited programmes – equips students with essential skills, professional competencies and attitudes which help with employability.

AMA International University-Bahrain’s (AMAIUB) business programmes – Master of Business Administration (MBA), Bachelor of Science in International Business (BSIB), and Bachelor of Science in Business Informatics (BSBI) – are accredited by the European Council for Business Education.

These programmes give students 21st century employability skills, such as communication, problem solving, collaboration, critical thinking, digital fluency, entrepreneurial mind-set and social/diversity awareness.

These academic experiences provide students with training that paves the way for them to penetrate the labour market easily and makes them assets to employers both in Bahrain and abroad. The university assures students that they will not only find good jobs after graduation, but rapidly meet future labour market needs and positively adjust to career changes because of the relevant, innovative, and quality education they received at AMAIUB.

AMAIUB graduates are now occupying key positions in various private companies and government institutions, across all industries. They have used their career success to direct the development of society positively, endeavoured to uphold good morals, and act as an inspiration to everyone.

As a significant catalyst to Bahrain’s socioeconomic development, the university puts emphasis on the enhancement of students’ critical, reflective and lifelong learning abilities, and hones them to become engaged citizens who contribute to the Kingdom’s prosperity, competitiveness and progress.

AMAIUB’s classes for the first term of the academic year 2017-2018 start on September 17 and registration is ongoing.

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