The Epitome of Elegance

by BTM

Tue, 31 October 2023

The iconic luxury brand

The iconic luxury brand, Roberto Coin, was established in the year 1996 and continues to be driven by the founder’s passion for life and creativity. We explore two of their iconic collections from the brand’s Vicenzaoro Fall collection 2023.

Every single creation of Roberto Coin is the result of an exciting journey through cultures and influences, nature and landscapes. Each of his jewels tells a different story, a story that shrouds it in an unmistakable allure of uniqueness and style identity. Every day the hands of Italian craftsmen, guardians of the ancient traditions of jewellery, are entitled to translate into reality Roberto Coin’s imagination. 

With his constant desire to create something unique, Roberto Coin launches about five complete collections every year that are able to fulfill the market’s myriad desires. The collections are available in over 1,000 boutiques located in 60 countries all around the world, with these exquisite collections available in the Kingdom of Bahrain at Bahrain Jewellery Centre (BJC).

Art Deco is one of Roberto Coin’s most beloved collections throughout the world. In fact, its powerful, contemporary design lead Netflix and its writers to feature the collection in the second season of the show Emily in Paris. 

Despite the undeniable success of the iconic collection, Roberto Coin decided to dive into the great sea of creativity with a different style. Together with the brand’s creative team he began looking for a way to extend Art Deco, making it even more attractive, without falling into the classic problem of extending a line – that of taking strength away from the original design. From this visionary, non-conformist insight, Art Deco mini was born. 

The collection’s ties to the Art Deco artistic movement, in the 1920s and 30s, is evident in its design, made of geometric lines that are repeated with precision and symmetry. This rigor is interrupted and disrupted by fluid elements such as tassels and chains. 

Roberto Coin has dressed these pieces in the brand’s typical colours so that each design can convey a different style. Yellow and rose gold are the soul of every piece, decorated with mysterious black jade, delicate mother-of-pearl, intense lapis lazuli, malachite or joyful turquoise; the most opulent, haute couture version is covered in white diamonds. As Roberto Coin loves to reconfirm, for each unique woman, there’s a corresponding, equally unique style. 

The inspiration for this very precious collection comes from far, far away. The game of dominoes was born in China in 1100. It was brought to Europe by Italians only 500 years later, and it then spread to the entire world, becoming a traditional source of entertainment. 

The jewels in the Domino collection are made of rows of identical elements that are repeated along the entire surface, just as in the elements of the Chinese game. The gold is treated like a precious stone and each element of the jewels is worked like a miniature artistic sculpture. The black and white diamonds that light up the entire collection give it a sense of depth. The result is a dazzling, pure light that will attract your gaze.

The domino effect is a small movement that’s capable of triggering exponential energy. With this collection Roberto Coin reaches the same domino effect through a new approach to manufacturing, initiating a revolution in the world of gold. 

With Domino Roberto Coin has also celebrated the ancient know-how of Italian master goldsmiths in creating a design that’s essential but that’s capable of infinitely multiplying the splendor of his jewels. A design that triggers the most precious domino effect we could have ever expected.