To a New You

by BTM

Thu, 02 November 2017

To a New You

Cutting-edge radio wave frequency skincare science debuts at this iconic five-star hotel.

A weekend break at Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay has the potential to rejuvenate you from the inside out. The property’s wellness centre, The Spa, introduces a selection of innovative face and body treatments using the latest technology and premium products from MCCM. This brand is most sought-after for its aesthetic medicine and medical cosmetics.

Four new MCCM contouring and skin treatments are offered exclusively in the Gulf at Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay. They engage the latest expertise while using precise and essential active principles and ingredients that can be tailored for individual needs and skin types. This ensures that the right care and attention is given to every guest to produce the desired results.

Those looking for wrinkle reduction, skin brightening and tightening will take delight in the hotel’s special Skin Contouring and Treatment packages that make use of the brand’s Meso system. This is in combination with the RF Intelligent machine, which emits regenerative radio frequency waves that are designed to hydrate, oxygenate and revitalise cells inside the body. There is the option to target specific areas, such as the thighs, buttocks, arms or stomach. This groundbreaking technology stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin from inside each cell, providing unparalleled firmness to the skin for a glow from within.

Based on individual needs, visitors to The Spa can select from procedures such as Ultimate Lightening Facial, Ultimate Botox Facial, Ultimate Derma Body Shaping Fat Reduction and Ultimate Derma Body Shaping Firming Treatment, each priced at BD60, or BD80 if the RF Intelligent machine is used.

Spa director Chandarella Luzon says: “The Spa is thrilled to introduce this new range of therapeutic cosmetic treatments in partnership with MCCM, complementing our existing Ila and Sodashi lines. A non-invasive medical solution, the RF Intelligent machine will offer a truly pampering experience that promises the same luxurious and soothing sensations of a holistic spa facial, while conducting a radio wave frequency treatment that penetrates the deepest layers of the skin to achieve optimum results.”

To see a noticeable difference, a series of multi-session options, which are a combination of the four contouring and skin sessions, are available. The full range includes the Ultimate Skin Contouring Programme priced at BD175 for three days and BD330 for six days, and the Ultimate Body Contouring Programme costing BD140 for three days and BD240 for six days. Guests booking any of the above sessions will receive an additional 20 per cent saving on all MCCM retail products, making it easier for them to continue enjoying remedial benefits from the comfort of their home.

Ideally suited for a well-deserved retreat with friends or loved ones, guests selecting the multi-session programme can indulge in the ultimate spa break by taking advantage of the hotel’s Stay Longer in a Suite package. It offers a third complimentary night when booking a suite for two consecutive nights, in addition to 10 per cent savings on food at the hotel’s delectable restaurants.

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