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World Diabetes Day: 4 places in Bahrain that can help manage your condition

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Tue, 15 November 2022

World Diabetes Day: 4  places in Bahrain that can help manage your condition
A short list of places to consider when looking for places in Bahrain that can help manage your diabetes. 

Having an active social life, especially during the global holiday season can be challenging for people with diabetes, but that doesn't mean you can't still have meaningful celebrations. Additionally, moving to a new location can also prove challenging when it comes to putting both a support system in place and finding suitable medical care. 

To manage it, all you need is a little more effort in communicating your diabetes limitations, being flexible, and adjusting your expectations in order to be able to find the right kind of care.

People living with diabetes, their caregivers and loved ones can attest to the fact that living with diabetes is a full-time job.

Maintaining your blood sugar levels is not only essential to your health, it is vital to feeling good, staying energetic, and having fun. 


We have put together a short list of places to consider when looking for places that can help manage your diabetes. 

1. Mantra Care

Mantra Care is a new-age diabetes clinic in Bahrain. The clinic offers services such as blood sugar control, without medication, home-Based Care and access to expert endocrinologists and dieticians. 

Mantra Care holds a team of a number of endocrinologists and dieticians, offering specialized and customized care via their Mobile App, diabetes clinics in Bahrain and other locations.

For more information on Matra Care, click here

2. MOH Diabetes Clinic

The Ministry of Health has also set up a clinic with the aim of helping Bahrain improve the quality of health services provided to diabetics in primary care, reduce the burden on secondary care and to Improve the level of sugar control and other physical and biological indicators in the blood (weight, blood pressure, fats, urea, creatinine, etc...).

The clinic also aims to see a reduction of acute and chronic disease complications such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, retinopathy that lead to chronic kidney failure, peripheral vascular disease that leads to amputation. Lastly, the clinic would like to help reduce the complications of pregnancy resulting from diabetes.


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According to the clinic, the Kingdom of Bahrain is considered one of the countries most affected by diabetes, where the incidence of diabetes is 14.7% of the adult population, and predictions indicate a high percentage of people with diabetic disease to about a quarter of the region's population in the GCC countries by 2030. 

Diabetes has therefore been dubbed one of the most important public health issues that has a significant impact on the health of individuals and communities.


The clinic provides preventive medical services, such as vaccinations, retina screening and foot screening. It also provides its therapeutic services through a patient-centred treatment plan consisting of medication, counselling and health education.


3. Royal Bahrain Hospital (and KIMS Health)

The Royal Bahrain Hospital (RBH) - established by India’s KIMS Health - is a model healthcare facility known for its diversity of doctors and specialities and quality care.

When it comes to diabetes treatment and helping people manage a life with diabetes, Royal Bahrain Hospital offers screening tests to help provide patients with the right treatment plan in order to get their health back on track.

Speaking on  World Diabetes Day, Dr Sunil Jagadish Rao, Specialist - Internal Medicine, touched briefly on the importance of accurate knowledge and education in the overall management of diabetes. 


He also shared the dos and don’ts and recommended exercises for those suffering from this illness.


4. Calo Bahrain 

In addition to getting the right medical care, following a well-managed diet is key to managing life with diabetes. 


Companies like Calo come in very handy when it comes to managing your diet as they are a company that offers meal plans for busy people. 


Among the meal plans offered by Calo are low-carb meal plans and such meals are essential to managing diabetes.

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Places in Bahrain that can help manage your diabetes.