Ramadan Celebrations

by BTM

Sun, 29 April 2018

Ramadan Celebrations

The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain, will present a tented jewel of opulence to celebrate Ramadan this year.

As The Holy Month of Ramadan descends upon the Kingdom, The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain, invites travelling families, dignitaries, government officials, corporate groups and couples alike to experience a month-long celebration at the five-star luxury beach resort like never before. Pulling out all the ‘bells and whistles’ and the traditions and customs to complement them, the resort unveils a new slant on tradition this season: one of the Kingdom’s largest and most elegantly designed Ramadan tents to date, in collaboration with renowned designer and scenographer, Ammar Basheir.

“This year’s celebrations will be a luxurious affair as the resort prepares for one of the most celebrated traditions of the year, says general manager Jean-Paul Dantil. “Outdoing years past, our Ramadan tent will be a most magnificent display here in the Kingdom complemented with succulent fare for a most joyous occasion for all.” 

Bridging elements of traditional Islamic architecture with modern design, the expansive 40sq/m tent, named Masaya, will put on a display of opulence and grandeur as it takes its place amongst the resort’s seaside villas on the Villa Gazebo lawn. Inside the heptagon-shaped tent, 39 modern wooden archways, with the highest point at nine metres, open up to grand seating areas and lounges that feature deep, emerald-green marble dining tables and warm leather and velvet finishes. Overhead, 400 large embellished hanging lanterns, hand-crafted in Morocco, will light the way to grand buffets featuring displays of customised chaffing dishes from Turkey as well as local earthen ceramics from A’ali Pottery.

“This year’s tent reveals a feast of the senses – an uber chic tent designed to create a sense of connectivity and enjoyment during the most celebrated holy month of the year,” says designer Ammar Basheir. “With twisting, modern arches that resemble that of a double spiral helix DNA module, juxtaposed against classic interiors, the tent will unveil a truly all-encompassing and total sensory experience.” 

As the sun descends each evening and the traditions of Ramadan begin, guests are welcomed to join for two variant seatings: the breaking of the fast – Iftar – from sunset to 8pm, for BD25++, and the Ghabgha dinner from 9pm to 2am, for BD27++. Guests can also book one of the Pergola seating areas for private dining for up to eight guests (limited to seven Pergola seatings at a time). 

During the evening feasts, guests will enjoy nightly entertainment while indulging in the splendours of a culinary journey through the resort’s 11 award-winning restaurants, as succulent buffets are set up with aromatic menus encompassing flavours of traditional Arabian cuisine, along with modern fare from the Eastern Mediterranean, Asia and Mexico. Live cooking stations and fresh Egyptian breads and crêpes will also abound, while traditional Ramadan desserts and gourmet sweet delicacies will satisfy the most discerning of palates. A traditional ghawa Arabic coffee station will also be set out at the entrance with a classically dressed attendant welcoming guests to the festivities of the night.

Shisha service will be available nightly from sunset to 2am. 

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