A Beacon of Learning

by BTM

Wed, 09 August 2023

A Beacon of Learning

Beacon Private School (BPS), established in Hidd in 2018, is one of the Kingdom’s outstanding educational centres, offering education to students from Pre-Nursery to Grade 12 in a welcoming, inclusive and nurturing environment where every learner can thrive.

BPS promotes inquiry-based learning to develop successful, independent learners, using a challenging and engaging curriculum. The school advocates for multilingualism and offers English, Arabic, Spanish and French classes. 

“At BPS, the approach to education is tailored to each age group in various ways,” explains Dinis Alves da Costa, the Director of BPS. “For learners up to Grade 10, our dynamic curriculum, inspired by the Common Ground Collaborative framework, focuses on fostering conceptual understanding, developing essential competencies, and nurturing character growth. Our teachers use differentiated instruction strategies to ensure that all learners are challenged at their appropriate level and small class sizes with a low student-to-teacher ratio, allow our teachers to provide personalised attention and support.

“For our senior learners in Grades 11 and 12, we offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP), which is a rigorous and well-rounded education that prepares students for higher education and beyond. IB DP allows learners to specialise in their areas of interest while developing critical-thinking and research skills necessary for university-level studies. Furthermore, the programme emphasises the importance of community service, leadership, and intercultural understanding, preparing students to be responsible global citizens.”

Additionally, BPS offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities that learners of different grade levels can choose from. These include sports, writing, music, chess, drama and more. To complement this, the school has a Learning Media Centre containing 14,000 books in four languages. 

The school’s facilities are modern, flexible and designed to cater to intellectual, social, emotional and physical development. Facilities include multiple science labs for different grade levels, an IT lab, gymnasium, outdoor learning spaces, cafeteria and art rooms. Upcoming additions by the end of this year include basketball and volleyball courts, two swimming pools, a theatre and an auditorium.

“What sets Beacon Private School apart from other schools in the Kingdom is our focus on character building,” states Marwa Bkerat, BPS’s Principal. “We believe that education is not just about academic achievement, but also about developing responsible, empathetic and respectful individuals who contribute positively to their communities. Our approach to character education is woven into every aspect of our curriculum and school culture, from classroom interactions to extracurricular activities.

“When I joined BPS last year, I was astonished by the exceptional character of our learners. We place a strong emphasis on character building, developing responsible, empathetic and respectful individuals who can contribute positively to their communities. Our learners are well-developed in these areas, and they display a remarkable ability to voice their ideas and speak out.”

The experienced and competent staff at BPS is well prepared to face the educational challenges emerging in this century, Ms. Dinis believes. “The academic year of 2023/2024 will be a year for our school to celebrate many important achieved goals, one of which is having our first IB DP graduation. Young people that have been with us just for a few years, completing this rigorous programme, will be at the same level as other students in the whole world. 

“Adding to this, I am sure that having the opportunity to partner with the SEK Education Group will augment our efficacy as a community of learners even further. I can only look forward to joining this community. I am certain that we will have a bright future ahead,” she concludes. 

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