A Stellar Christmas

by BTM

Sun, 03 December 2017

A Stellar Christmas

A worldwide leader in the steel and gold jewellery market, this Italian brand brings you looks tailored just for the holidays.

It’s sure to be a magical Christmas this year at Nomination Italy. In honour of this special occasion, the brand is launching a breathtaking collection that’s available in sterling silver with Cubic Zirconia, or in gold and rose gold-plated versions. The STELLA Collection features sparkling bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings with star-shaped details that will brighten up your Christmas.

Completing this selection of holiday jewellery is the Angel Collection – elegant and refined jewellery shaped like angel’s wings with Cubic Zirconia detailing. It is available in sterling silver or in gold or rose gold-plated finishing.

Whatever your taste, you absolutely can’t be without one or more bracelets from the Composable Collection, the customisable stainless steel bracelet with precious details in 18K gold, rose gold, enamel,
Cubic Zirconia and gemstones. With a vast assortment of new holiday-themed links now available, you can create your total look for Christmas with Nomination.

All made in Italy, Nomination produces fashion jewellery for men and women using materials of the highest quality: stainless steel, 18K gold, Cubic Zirconia, precious and semi-precious stones and natural diamonds. Synonymous with quality, originality and innovation, this international brand has more than 5,000 independent retailers and 70 monobrand stores around the world.

Nomination Italy is located in Bahrain at Al Aali Shopping Complex.

Call 17 530-919.

Nomination Italy