Financial Management at its Best

by BTM

Wed, 04 October 2023

Financial Management at its Best

Founded in 2022 in Bahrain, Thabit Holding was established to have complete overview and management of the Thabit Group’s business. Under the expert guidance of Chairman Saif Thabit and Chief Executive Officer Imaran Imtiyaz Shaikh, Thabit Holding provides a customised portfolio and financial management solutions to manage the group’s enterprises.

Thabit Holding manages all kinds of Thabit assets, subsidiaries and businesses across the globe through a disciplined and customised approach to wealth management. The group’s mission is to grow in the financial sector and expand its portfolio to other businesses in order to help strengthen Bahrain’s economy with local talent and business leaders.

Mr Thabit carries more than 20 years of experience managing businesses in the oil and gas industry and is well-positioned to provide strategic guidance and direction to the company, particularly in the case of identifying new opportunities and navigating the challenges of a rapidly evolving industry. 

The Group’s vision is to manage the wealth and prosperity of the Thabit Family through fundamental investment strategies, values and innovative solutions, with a view to offering these services to a wider base in future and providing a platform for Bahrainis to prosper.

CEO Mr Shaikh is a former banking professional with more than 15 years of experience in the industry promoting various banking products in countries including Bahrain, India, Oman and Kuwait. He has been instrumental in achieving revenue through re-engineering, team building and leadership. His strong track record of success was forged with a deep understanding of what it takes to drive growth and profitability.

His position as of Thabit Group includes leading and managing the team to optimise wealth planning, inheritance planning, tax planning and more through fundamental investment strategies, values and innovative solutions.

For more information, visit: www.thabitholding.com