Getting Together - Indian Independence

by BTM

Sun, 29 July 2018

Getting Together - Indian Independence

Though numerous members of Bahrain’s large Indian expatriate community have lived in the Kingdom for many years and look upon it as their second home, they still manage to preserve their traditions and heritage through their cultural, culinary, charitable and commercial activities. The island is served by a plethora of clubs and societies that unite the diverse diaspora giving long-time residents and new arrivals the chance to get together and join in community activities that impart a taste of home.



Sports and Social Clubs

Bhatia Mitra Mandal
Founded in 1959, this club is dedicated to bringing together the Sindhi community of Bhatias. The 142-member club, started by the Thattai Bhatia community, revolves around family picnics, cultural programmes and community games. Its major annual events are the camping trip to Sakhir and the club’s annual day.
Call 39 461-794.

Indian Ladies Association (ILA)
This organisation began as a sewing club in 1956, but over the years the ILA has consolidated its representation of Indian roots and charitable endeavours. As well as being known for their annual Dandiya gala, fundraisers and community service, members also run the Project Sneha, a centre for children with special needs.
Call 39 464-734.

Kerala Social & Cultural Association (KSCA)
Founded in 1982 by the Nair community, KSCA was established to help the working-class Indians and Keralites in the Kingdom. Engaging mainly in charitable, social and cultural activities, the members get together to celebrate festivals such as Vishu, Onam, Vijay Dashmi and Diwali.
 Call 17 251-941.

Maharashtra Cultural Society (MCS)
Established in 1991, MCS offers the island’s Maharashtrians a sense of home and community. It houses a health centre, an auditorium, a kids’ play area, a library and a gaming room. The club’s major annual events include Salaam Bahrain, Ganesha Festival, Maharashtra Day, a blood donation drive and a free health camp.
 Call 17 272-050.

Shri Gujarati Samaj (SGS)
One of the largest business communities in India, Gujaratis gather under the canopy of SGS in Bahrain. Established in the early 1980s, the club has nearly 700 dedicated members. Apart from its charitable works, it is famous for its Kite Festival.
 Call 33 011-158.

Tamil Social and Cultural Association-Bahrain (TSCA)
Serving as a home away from home for the Tamil community in Bahrain, TSCA was founded in 1983. While working to nurture the Tamil culture in this foreign land, it also organises fundraising activities and offers yoga classes, sports activities, and a Gavel Club for members’ children.
 Call 17 179-723.

The Bahrain Keraleeya Samajam
Registered in 1947, the Bahrain Keraleeya Samajam is the single largest unifying body on the island for those belonging to ‘God’s own country’. Members enjoy facilities including a library, multipurpose hall, badminton and table tennis courts and indoor games. Offering a plethora of events, some of the more popular ones are the monthly mega Ssows, Onam celebration and Keralotsavam and Balakalotsavam.
 Call 17 251-878.

The Indian Club
Established more than a century ago, in 1915, The Indian Club is the oldest and largest expatriate club in Bahrain. Situated in the heart of Manama, the club boasts an impressive strength of over 1,500 members. Along with hosting the major national and regional celebrations, including Bahrain’s National Day, it is most known for its annual May Queen beauty pageant, Badminton Open Tournament, cricket and tennis matches and summer camp for kids.
Call 17 253-157.



Young Goans’ Sports Club
Set up in 1953 by a group of enthusiastic footballers, the community is drawn together through cultural programmes, sports and their love for music. They organise musical shows, sport and youth activities, and annual events such as the Bandra Fair, feast of St Francis Xavier, a carnival and the annual Goan football league.
Call 17 710-602.

Culture and Arts

Telugu Kala Samithi (TKS)
Registered in 1998, TKS lends a helping hand to many humanitarian efforts in the Kingdom. With the focus on cultural growth, annual highlights include Ugadi celebrations, a Bahrain open chess tournament, a state formation day function and an annual mega show featuring renowned South Indian musicians and artists.
 Call 33 589-955.

The Sree Narayana Cultural Society
Started as a social reform movement in Kerala, the ideology of this society translates into members’ social welfare work in the Kingdom. Since its establishment in 1989, it has hosted various fundraisers. Its other activities include monthly competitions, an annual sports day and Malayalam literature lessons for children.
 Call 17 255-517.

Business and Other Associations 

Bahrain Chapter of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (BCICAI)
Established in 1998, BCICAI welcomes chartered accountants from India and is the largest body of professionals in the Kingdom. Some of their past events include leadership workshops, meditation workshops, quizzes and relevant seminars.
Call 39 276-481.

Bahrain India Society
From its inception in 2008, this society has aimed to strengthen ties between Bahrain and India, not merely business-wise but also culturally, politically and, additionally, in terms of both social affairs and sciences. Members organise meetings and conferences in both countries, promote exhibitions and festivals, and generally work for cooperation between the two countries.
Call 38 311-166.

Confederation of Indian Industry
A non-government, not-for-profit, industry-led and industry-managed organisation, the CII has over 7,800 members from both private and public sectors, including SMEs and MNCs. Having opened its first Middle Eastern office in Bahrain, it helps Indian businesses connect and interact with global businesses.
Call 17 589-688.

Indian Medical Association: Bahrain Chapter
This prestigious body is open to the Indian medical practitioners on the island. The club organises periodic symposiums and seminars and Community Relief Fund medical camps.
Call 39 430-708.