Pickle it Up!

by BTM

Wed, 09 August 2023

 Priya Foods - Pickle it Up

Dream away the nostalgia of a good old Indian pickle and you’ll most likely find it in the menu of Priya Foods. The pungent, aromatic tastes will transform just about any dish!

Imagine a ‘pickle’ a day keeps the doctor away! That’s just how good these condiments are; why they have become a staple in households - you want to have it with your everyday meals and make it part of your ‘five a day’! Truth be told, Priya Foods has packed just the right amount of punch in each of its recipes that makes it utterly irresistible to the spice-craving palate. And in a place like India where pickles are so unique to the subcontinent, it is no surprise that they have managed to share their blends with the rest of the world too. 

In the Kingdom of Bahrain, Priya Foods is imported locally by distribution company V.M & Bros who import some of the finest brands of biscuits, confectionery, oils, wholefood products and more. Whether you’re an Indian who would love to enjoy the familiar taste of home or just love your fair share of Indian cuisine, you’ll be overjoyed to know that you can find a variety of Priya Foods pickles at a number of hypermarkets, supermarkets and even convenience stores across the island.

There isn’t an ingredient out there that Priya Foods just hasn’t created a pickle out of! From the most basic household staple - onions; to the next most indispensable - garlic; the nostalgic tastes of home can be felt in one bite. If you’ve ever tried the jaggery mango pickle, it certainly stays true to its North Indian origins, effectively blending sweet jaggery with crunchy mango. The green tamarind pickle by far, is the tangiest offering in Priya’s range, combining the daring flavour of raw tamarind, chillies and spices into a harmonious condiment. Whether you’re ready to savour a vegetarian feast or tuck into a non-vegetarian dish, we’re positive you’ll find a classic or creative jar of Priya pickles to complement it! 

Steeply rooted in tradition, Priya foods particularly draws on the tastes from the regions of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, in India. Established in 1980 with the aim of reintroducing authentic, traditional Telugu dishes to busy Indian households the brand has managed to find a place in Indian kitchens across the globe serving up nostalgic chutneys and pickles. Their secret is the use of good wholesome foods with minimally processed ingredients in a manner as close as possible to how your great-grandmother would have prepared it for you - with love, diligence, and no room for the slightest compromise, be it in the goodness of the ingredients, in the method of preparation, or in the time taken. 

Over the years, their recipes have successfully integrated traditional science with modern-day scientific manufacturing, recreating recipes which are passed down through generations. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility holding multiple national and international certifications is an ode to its commitment to freshness, quality, hygiene and safety.

Give it a try! We’re positive that you’ll find your Priya Foods pickle of choice.