Seven Great Ways To Celebrate Bahrain National Day

by BTM

Wed, 14 December 2022

Get in the Spirit of Bahrain

December, and particularly National Day, is the time to celebrate the charming island that we call ‘home’. Here are some ways you can delve into the rich culture of Bahrain and celebrate it in a fitting way this year with your family and friends.

Chai Karak in BahrainWarm up with some Chai Karak!
If you’re new to the Kingdom, you might be wondering what Chai Karak is. It literally translates to strong tea and can be enjoyed dine-in at cafes or at tea shops which will bring cups of it to your car. This fragrant milk tea is an essential during Bahraini winter and enjoyed by all.

Best Bahraini Breakfast for Bahrain National Day 2022Have a great Bahraini Breakfast
Few words can describe how comforting it is to tuck into a great Bahraini breakfast platter. Get an early start to make sure you get a table at one of the fantastic local restaurants spread across the island. Some of our favourites are the traditional Haji Café located at the Manama Souq, Freej bin Rashdan in Muharraq, Foods at Home in Budaiya and Naseef on the stunning Al Sa’ada Waterfront. 

Explore the Bahrain Fort in Bahrain National Day 2022Explore the Bahrain Fort
Did you know that the Bahrain Fort is also a UNESCO Heritage site. This beautiful fort is located on the coast in Karbabad (Seef area) and offers beautiful views of the city, sea and surrounding farm areas too. If you’re lucky you may even catch the ‘Bahrain Cowboys’ on a leisurely ride in the surrounding area. It truly is a vibe.

Take a selfie at the Camel Farm BahrainTake a selfie at the Camel Farm
Located in Janabiyah, the Camel Farm has been a favourite among tourists and residents alike for several years. The farm, which is open from sunrise to sunset, is home to hundred of camels. These animals are in fact quite friendly so you can gently pet them and feed them too. That being said, remember to ask the caretakers for their feed as opposed to bringing your own as they do have specific feed. Entry to the farm is free for all.

Best grills in bahrainTuck into some Delicious Grills
For dinner, be sure to visit one of the many local grill shops around the island and enjoy a delicious plate of lumee tikka, kebab or reyash (lamb chops). This with a side of hummus or mutabal and hot khubbis is just perfection. What most people don’t realise is that these grills are not only supremely delicious, but incredibly cheap too! You’ll likely have a feast for just a couple of dinars!

Paddle at Bahrain BayPaddle at Bahrain Bay
Here’s a fantastic early afternoon activity. Enjoy some of the best views of the Manama skyline from a very different perspective at Bahrain Bay. Stroll along the bay and get a kayak or go stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) along the bay for a truly sensational and serene experience. If paddling isn’t quite your thing, you can also take a ferry boat ride all the way around the bay or even grab pizza and ride around the bay on a Dough boat. Whatever you choose to do here, we’re positive it’ll be a great experience. (Picture supplied by Febin G John @thegobro)

Bahrain National Day the city comes alive with stunning lights in ManamaMarvel at the Lights
Every National Day the city comes alive with stunning lights in and around the capital. There are two ways you can enjoy the experience and both are fun in their own way. You can either deck your car out in Bahraini flags and drive down the highway in Manama or head to Riffa for a drive past the iconic clock roundabout. Just remember you will be in a spot of traffic for this one.

Alternatively, you can enjoy the lights along the corniche and by the Avenues. Just arrive early, park your car and enjoy a leisurely stroll with your loved ones. Oh, and don’t forget to take some pictures for the ‘gram!

Bahrain National Day FireworksWatch the fireworks
There are some things that you absolutely cannot miss for a National Day celebration, and fireworks across the island surely top the list. These can now be watched from different locations across the island, which are usually announced closer to the date. What we can confirm for now is that you can watch the fireworks at the Bahrain International Circuit on December 16 at 7pm. Be sure to watch our social media for updates. We cannot stress this enough though: set off early to ensure a parking spot and avoid traffic. ((Picture supplied by Febin G John @thegobro)