Speak The Lingo

by BTM

Tue, 01 October 2019

The Language Course Programme of the German Embassy in Bahrain offers the chance to learn business and conversational German across all levels.

The courses, which have been operating for 10 years, are run as a non-profit organisation under the umbrella of the embassy and maximum class size is just 12 participants, allowing for a personal experience.

Seven teachers, who are well-qualified and mostly mother-tongue German speakers, conduct a series of 14 courses. These follow the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and run from level A1 to C1.
Each level is completed by doing three courses of three months each organised in terms, starting September, January, and April. 

A spokesman says: “The number of participants permitting, we try to offer courses in all levels, for children and adults. We guarantee to provide, in a row, the courses which make up level A1 (A1.1, A1.2, A1.3). Later on, for the higher levels, one term waiting time may occur.”

German Embassy in Bahrain offers the free germanCERTIFICATES
At the end of each course, successful participants receive certificates. For those who have completed a full level, there is also the opportunity to sit the exam for the Goethe Certificate. This is an internationally recognised language certificate, issued by the Goethe Institute, the official institute for language learning and cultural exchange of the Federal Republic of Germany. 

Many participants are school students who aim to study at a German University. And there are very good reasons for studying in Germany. It is a safe country with good living conditions, universities are high quality and they charge no or minimal fees. However, most of them teach in German only, and it is quite a long journey to study the language up to university level.

The spokesman continues: “That’s why we recommend school students to start with us at an early age. For under 15s, we have a special discount, and this year we started a new programme of children’s courses from the age of nine.

“Other reasons to study the language with us are for training (doctors want to do their specialisation there), or to find work there, or to be able to better communicate with German business partners or customers.
“Many of our students, however, just come to our courses because it is an enjoyable experience, which opens access to a fascinating culture and, last but not least, makes travelling there even more fun.”

Courses run with from five to 12 students and there are 110 students registered this term. Since its inception the programme has attracted more than 2,000 participants, some of whom sign up repeatedly for continuing studies. The vast majority of students are Bahraini but you can expect a colourful mixture of backgrounds and cultures in the classes.

The current term started on September 15 and the next will commence on January 12 but registration is open at any time. Prices, exclusive of books, are BD200 (adults), BD170 (students) and BD150 (under 15s). A siblings’ discount is available.

For registration and full information, contact 39 365-312, or [email protected] and follow on Instagram @germanlanguagebahrain.